My carburetor arrived on time and in great shape, Carb bolted right in no problems, still needs minor tweaking. Overall I am extremely happy with SMI, and I wanted to thank you for your services. I will refer you to anyone who is looking for good quality parts.

Thanks again,
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Zach Dehahn- Qjet

As you remember my car 3450lbs. 408 cu. in. c4 with 4000 stall. I went to the track made (3) passes including the 120 mile round trip and I averaged 14MPG and the car ran 10.96 ET at 123 MPH.
Thanks again,
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Troy Leaper- Holley 950HP Stg.4

Hello Sean,
I just want to say thanks for making my 65′ Tripower work like a champ. For those with a tripower, SMI certainly knows their way around this set up. I drove (more like limped) my car to his shop, A few days later and a laundry list of discovered problems, he had it running smooth. Not to mention, my over-heating problem also went away–he made sure the carbs complemented the timing and cam selection.For automatic transmissions, the factory setup calls for vacuum-operated linkage for outer carbs (no longer made). Sean made it work with the manual linkage and nulled out any dead spots. The tripower comes on strong! Delorean would have been proud to have this magician working on Pontiac speed equipment. Thanks Sean for giving my 12-year project a happy ending.

Tom Peterson 65 Pontiac TriPower
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Thomas Peterson- TriPower- 2G’s

In late February, I received and installed your Rochester Quadrajet Stage 2 after rebuilding the 350 in my 1980 Camaro Z28. It ran awesome right out of the box. The only adjustment I made to it was to slightly increase the idle speed. There’s no stumble or hesitation when I step on it; the metering, jetting, and air-fuel mixture are perfect. I highly recommend your custom tuning services and products to anyone – it is money well spent!
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steven peil- Qjet

Also,Sean Murphy from SMI out of CA thats a pro q-jet restorer/carb tuner set my original #’s matching 7029201 q-jet that i finally had restored/replated/rebuilt after 30 yrs with you guessed it AX sec rods along with 72 prim jets & 45B prim rods which is just where i would have set it up for my mild cam’d motor with approx 370hp/430 lbs trq. I had Sean do the work because he had the equipment to redye/replate the carb back to better then new appearance which i could not do at home . I also had Sean drill the idle down tubes for a little more fuel at idle & just off idle to fix an off ilde lean stumble which it corrected that due to the mild perf cam i was running . I didn?t have the expensive special drill bit required to drill the idle down tubes to do it myself which is why I had Sean do it while the carb was being restored.

Sean did the complete resto/rebuild of my original carb for $350 and it looked & ran great right out of the box (only had to tweak idle mix & speed), it was money well spent IMHO.
Just my 2 cents.
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Scott Wheaton- Qjet


I installed the Carb you sent and a K&N; airfilter with open chrome assembly. THE TRUCK RUNS AWESOME! Next the Headers and True dual exhaust! I just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery and a really great quadrajet carb. It made a huge difference and I am so HAPPY! Have a great Holiday, I know I will be driving to the beach with my new carb installed just in time for the holiday. I am very happy, thank you! Do I need to buy a new Carb next year if I decide to buy a Weiand 144 Supercharger or will the one I have suffice? I will need bigger brakes too! When I get it painted I will send you a pic, maybe a dark metallic blue. I want it all done by July 4th 2009. Thats the goal. I appreciate the quick delivery and I am just so excited to drive the truck now. THANK YOU.
: )
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Scott Fairweather- Qjet

I recently purchased one of your stage2 Q-jet?s. I have been very pleased with its performance. It ran great right out of the box. Thanks for providing a quality product. I will recommend your business to other enthusiasts.
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Ron Rempel- Qjet

dear sean
i just thought i woould drop you a email to let you know that i was very pleased with the new carb i got from you guys last friday. i put it on the car sat. it fired right up with very little adjustment, ran great to bad you have to cover it up with a big air cleaner . thanks for a great product
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Rick Steinberg- Qjet

I found the perfect set up for me was a factory cast iron semi high rise, SMI Q jet with electric Choke and a 1/2 inch spacer on top of the carb. This works perfect with the stock cowl Induction air cleaner. It puts it right at the perfect height. You can?t beat a SMI Q jet with electric choke. The cast Iron semi high rise Intake is a great performer to 5500 rpm
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Ranvette- Qjet

Mr. Murphy,
Thank you for the carburetor, I received it Monday (I believe it was) and just got done putting it on today. My truck has never run like it does now since I put the 454 in it. When I first put it in back in 98, I bought a new 750 Edelbrock for it. By the time I gave up trying to re-jet/re-calibrate it, the warranty was up and they couldn’t do anything for me. Wanting to get back to a Q-jet, (I used to rebuild them when I had a small business) I bought a Holly rebuilt Q-jet and put it on the day I was leaving to tow a 30″ travel trailer to Boise Idaho. It ran O.K. for some time, but it was obvious that it was rebuilt for performance and not drivability. When I swapped out the intake for a 1966 stock 396 intake, I tried to adjust the idle mixture screws for the first time. When I started to adjust the right hand one it fell out, the threads were stripped. Again I had just “made do” with what I had for too long and the warranty was up on that one too. So I just cross threaded it in until it was bottomed out then backed it out 1-1/2 turns and just drove it. It was better, but not right by any means. Being s-o-o-o-o tired of driving my truck the way it ran, I wrote down the web address of your company when I saw it in an off road mag. After going online and reading about your company and the way you build Q-jets, I ordered one. So far, after setting it up and adjusting it, I’ve only taken it on one test drive. If I do make any more adjustments they will be minor if at all. I’ve never had this truck run this good, and I’ve been trying for almost 11 years. Thank you again.

Otto Taufen

P.S. In my opinion, Edelbrock carburetors are JUNK. I know a lot of people who’ve tried to run them. NO ONE has had any luck with them!!!
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Otto Taufen- Qjet