I installed the Carb you sent and a K&N; airfilter with open chrome assembly. THE TRUCK RUNS AWESOME! Next the Headers and True dual exhaust! I just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery and a really great quadrajet carb. It made a huge difference and I am so HAPPY! Have a great Holiday, I know I will be driving to the beach with my new carb installed just in time for the holiday. I am very happy, thank you! Do I need to buy a new Carb next year if I decide to buy a Weiand 144 Supercharger or will the one I have suffice? I will need bigger brakes too! When I get it painted I will send you a pic, maybe a dark metallic blue. I want it all done by July 4th 2009. Thats the goal. I appreciate the quick delivery and I am just so excited to drive the truck now. THANK YOU.
: )