Also,Sean Murphy from SMI out of CA thats a pro q-jet restorer/carb tuner set my original #’s matching 7029201 q-jet that i finally had restored/replated/rebuilt after 30 yrs with you guessed it AX sec rods along with 72 prim jets & 45B prim rods which is just where i would have set it up for my mild cam’d motor with approx 370hp/430 lbs trq. I had Sean do the work because he had the equipment to redye/replate the carb back to better then new appearance which i could not do at home . I also had Sean drill the idle down tubes for a little more fuel at idle & just off idle to fix an off ilde lean stumble which it corrected that due to the mild perf cam i was running . I didn?t have the expensive special drill bit required to drill the idle down tubes to do it myself which is why I had Sean do it while the carb was being restored.

Sean did the complete resto/rebuild of my original carb for $350 and it looked & ran great right out of the box (only had to tweak idle mix & speed), it was money well spent IMHO.
Just my 2 cents.