Mr. Murphy,
Thank you for the carburetor, I received it Monday (I believe it was) and just got done putting it on today. My truck has never run like it does now since I put the 454 in it. When I first put it in back in 98, I bought a new 750 Edelbrock for it. By the time I gave up trying to re-jet/re-calibrate it, the warranty was up and they couldn’t do anything for me. Wanting to get back to a Q-jet, (I used to rebuild them when I had a small business) I bought a Holly rebuilt Q-jet and put it on the day I was leaving to tow a 30″ travel trailer to Boise Idaho. It ran O.K. for some time, but it was obvious that it was rebuilt for performance and not drivability. When I swapped out the intake for a 1966 stock 396 intake, I tried to adjust the idle mixture screws for the first time. When I started to adjust the right hand one it fell out, the threads were stripped. Again I had just “made do” with what I had for too long and the warranty was up on that one too. So I just cross threaded it in until it was bottomed out then backed it out 1-1/2 turns and just drove it. It was better, but not right by any means. Being s-o-o-o-o tired of driving my truck the way it ran, I wrote down the web address of your company when I saw it in an off road mag. After going online and reading about your company and the way you build Q-jets, I ordered one. So far, after setting it up and adjusting it, I’ve only taken it on one test drive. If I do make any more adjustments they will be minor if at all. I’ve never had this truck run this good, and I’ve been trying for almost 11 years. Thank you again.

Otto Taufen

P.S. In my opinion, Edelbrock carburetors are JUNK. I know a lot of people who’ve tried to run them. NO ONE has had any luck with them!!!