Rochester 4BBL Quadrajet 800CFM for Pontiac Stage 2 – 335008


For use on Moderately Modified 350-400-455 engines with: Aftermarket Cam, 8.5-10:1 Compression, Mildly Ported Iron or Aluminum Heads, Aluminum Intake and Headers.


  • Front Fuel Inlet
  • Intended for moderately modified street performance vehicles.
  • All circuits will be modified and tuned to match the specifications of your engine combination, Including:
  • Idle down tube(idle jet) and idle air bleed resized for smooth idle quality with performance camshafts.
  • CRO(channel restriction orifice) resized for crisp off-idle and part throttle response.
  • Main jet and metering rods selected for clean cruise mixture and strong part throttle response and acceleration.
  • Proper metering rod power piston spring selected to match engine vacuum characteristics
  • Secondary metering rods and hanger selected and high speed air bleeds resized for maxium full throttle horsepower and torque.
  • Select highest quality cores for best performance and reliability
  • Strip to bare metal, inspect for defects, then apply dichromate coating for brilliant gold finish.
  • Strip and cadmium plate all hardware, including throttle shafts, linkage, levers, spring and screws.
  • Install bushings in baseplate to eliminate any potential vacuum leaks at primary throttle shaft.
  • Install APT (ADUSTABLE PART THROTTLE) to allow adjustment of part throttle and cruise speed (steady throttle, 1800-4000 rpm) air/fuel mixture in seconds without any disassembly, tuning can be done while engine is running!
  • Apply epoxy to main body casting plug to eliminate common “leak down” problem associated with Quadrajets.
  • Idle, transition, main, and high speed circuits modified to provided optimum fuel curve for YOUR engine
  • Assembled using the highest quality components, including:
  • New jets and metering rods.
  • High capacity accelerator pump featuring materials that are resistant to alcohol and other additive commonly found in today’s fuel
  • Nitrophyl solid composite float that can’t crack or sink.
  • Premium quality gaskets
  • High flow .130″ needle and seat assembly.
  • New electric choke for cold starting and driveability.
  • New choke pull-off for clean, smooth warm-ups.
  • 1 YR warranty all parts and labor

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in