Quadrajet Modifications Stage 3 – 5003


Quadrajet Modifications Stage 3

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  • Intended for racing and maximum performance applications such as circle track and sport mod racing applications that require a quadrajet and drag racing classes (such as NHRA stock and super stock) that require the OEM carburetor to meet class rules.
  • All fuel circuits, air bleeds, and calibration components engineered to match specifications of YOUR engine to provide maximum possible HP&TQ; as well as response and consistency.
  • Drill idle air bypass holes in primary throttle blades to maintain proper throttle blade angle at idle, ensuring proper function of idle and off-idle circuits.
  • All idle and off-idle functions modified for long duration, low vacuum camshafts.
  • Primary and secondary main wells resized and balanced for increased fuel flow capacity at high RPM.
  • Secondary fuel pull-over circuit modified to eliminate any potential sags, hesitations during initial secondary opening. This circuit acts as the “accelerator pump” for the secondaries and is critical to off-the-corner or starting line performance.
  • Choke pull-off modified for faster secondary air valve response.
  • .150″ Needle and seat assembly installed for maximum fuel delivery.
  • 750 to 900 CFM available.
  • All choke hardware removed and openings plugged
  • All vacuum ports plugged
  • Secondary metering rods and hanger selected and high speed air bleeds resized for maxium full throttle horsepower and torque.
  • High capacity accelerator pump featuring materials that are resistant to alcohol and other additive commonly found in today’s fuel
  • Surface baseplate for flatness and glassbead for bright silver finish.
  • Install bushings in baseplate to eliminate any potential vacuum leaks at primary throttle shaft.


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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in