As far as my experience with SMI and the stage 1 Holley 4412 carb I ordered, I couldn?t be happier. I chose SMI because I wanted a carb built to my engine not just a one size fits all rebuild. When I called and talked to you about some questions I had concerning purchasing one, you?re over the phone service sold me on it instantly. My satisfaction with the purchase continued when the carburetor arrived even quicker than I expected the carb arrived on a race day and we made the decision to bolt it on for that night?s race. Now up to this point in my racing career I had never won a feature event in my class, which is a Chevy 350 powered superstock running on 3/8 dirt tracks. I was happy with the performance of the carb in the heat race, but decided to change jets by a size. When we checked the plugs after the heat and the feature race I had never had such an even looking set of plugs and the carb and the plugs responded to even the slightest jet change. When feature time came the track had dried up a bit and that is when the money I spent became worth every dollar. The throttle response and exceptionally smooth power band this carb provided was perfect. I could not have asked for more. That night the SMI carb helped me walk away with my first feature win. The only thing that I regret is not ordering one sooner. I have already told several fellow drivers that they need to try my carb as soon as the snow is off the ground. So thank you once again for an excellent product and the quick tech advice response.

Last summer I ordered a 4412 carb from you and had excellent luck with it. Actually, the first night it was on I won my first feature race.


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