I’ve been in the Middle East for the past 6 months. Got back last week. I meant to contact you after the end of the race season last year, but a lot of things started happening pretty fast last September. Our Colorado Hill climb Association Sportsman Division car with your massaged 4412 too the Championship?????.. I podiumed three of six races. I love that carburetor!!!!!! I would be honored if you used the following testimonial.
My name is Tom Wells.. In the spring of 2002 I purchased a race-ready Sportsman Division car to compete that year in the Colorado Hill Climb Association. We have 7 races a year all over Colorado. We race on public dirt roads to peaks up to 14,000 ft (for more info go to: The car I own is a 1978 Camero (body and front -stub, anyway), 12 bolt w/536 gears, Maton Posi, race prepped 350 TH with 2200 stall, 355 cubes, 13:1, solid cam race ported cast-iron heads, MSD fire, Weiand Team G,.
Class rules mandate a Holly 4412 500 cfm 2bbl, NO MODIFICATIONS ALLOWED! The car ran all right once you got your foot into it at about 3500 rpm. The motor would not idle below 1000 rpm and would not idle in gear. It was a nightmare to get it on and off a trailer. On a good rise or bump, the motor would hick-up, (fuel slosh I figure) On throttle tip-in from idle, the motor would always stumble until about 3500 rpm. Talk about loosing a lot of time trying to come off a corner. I never could get the correct pump shot, tried all different combinations of pump-cams, diaphragms, and squirters. We finished Top-Half that season 6th of 14.
About this time last year as we were getting the car ready for the upcoming season. I am flipping through an issue of Chevy High Performance and see this ad for an outfit in California that modifies carbs. What particularly caught my attention were the race legal 2bbls. So right there I called the number and got a guy named Sean Murphy on the phone. I explained my woes and what we were doing out here. I needed someone who could prep a carb for this unique type of racing that I do, 2bbl, high compression, (most 2bbl race engines are limited to flat-top pistons), high altitude, lots of slow down and speed up. He got the picture. He immediately was asking questions about our Tech inspection procedures and formulating ideas. That week I mailed him my stock carburetor and motor specs.
I did not even recognize my carburetor when I got it back. It was mine, but it looked like it just came out of the box from Holly. The list of modifications Sean said he performed was extensive, most of which I do not understand. 15 – 20 horsepower increase, and guaranteed to pass tech was what I did and do understand.
The car did not run lik the old one either. The new engine fired and idled right off the bat with the jets that Sean said to start with. With a couple turns of the mixture screws the engine settled into a 850 rpm rumble. Dropping it into gear and the car rumppity-rumped at a beautiful 750 rpms. Starts stone cold with three pumps of the pedal, No more having to rev it up and slamming it into gear to get it to move. We can actually drive it on and off the trailer! No more stumble when I stab it off-idle. When I hit the gas it goes! The hick-up is gone. Most importantly the engine likes a much richer jet to keep the plugs right, we all know what that means?.
When the dust cleared in the Sportsman Division last year, we had the championship. I rolled the car off the mountain the first two races, but hammered out the whore bunglers and podiumed the last three races winning the season closer in Victor, Colorado.
CHCA Team 69’s wants to thank Sean Murphy, who we know had a major part in our 2003 Campionship season.
Tom Wells


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