OK, so we did some recon this weekend, and here is what I have learned…The qJet is infinitely better than the Carter I had before. On hills that I used to stutter out on, the truck ran strong. I finally got it to stall out when I accidentally got pinned with my front up on a ridge and my rear bumper was wedged on the ground…Even then I technically stalled because my clutch lever fell off and I was still in gear. After being stuck like that for almost 15 minutes, I finally got the truck down and it started up pretty much right away.

Other interesting points. The electric choke is great and works very well, makes cold starts much easier. The transition from fast idle to normal idle works as it should.

Freeway cruising is much much better. Specifically, there is no hesitation when I mash it from cruising speed. Also, the fuel delivery seems much more linear while at cruising speed. No popping on rolling slow down.

The bad. After one particular jag, the truck dieseled pretty badly. However, I am pretty sure that it is a result of something I did during setup.

So, my conclusion is that I am very happy with this carb, although I can only compare it to the Carter that was on before and other cards I have had, not the Truck Avenger.

I got mine from Sean Murphy and have been happy so far…just thought I would chime in…