Reccomendation Letter-

After Almost 50 years of working on all types of vehicles from gas golf carts, family cars and supercharged show and drag strip cars.
I want you to know about the best carburetor man and company I have ever seen or come across.
Sean Murphy is the best you will ever find and you can reach him at SMI.COM
Sean is a dedicated perfectionist and has superb customer relation skills and produces a great quality product for each customer.
When you find the best it is really impossible to applaud their efforts and skills to the highest level so let it be known, there is the best and then all the rest and Sean is the top person if you want the best.
Take the time to contact Sean and you will appreciate his high quality workmanship and his extremely fair pricing.
I am a Real Customer of SMI and can be contacted at for verification. No one has paid me or prompted me to reccomend Sean and SMI I have done so because I am truely impressed with the quality of all of Sean’s Skills.
Mike S.
Las Vegas, NV