I recently had you work on my Holley 4412 500cfm carburetor. I?d like to share with you my experience with your great carb work. I run in the street stock class, which requires a stock dimension carburetor. I build the race car and hire a driver who supplies the motor. We both have at least 10 years of racing experience each. I?ve won several races as crew chief/owner and Doug my driver has won many races and a championship. I had problems with my stock carburetor in the past. I decided to buy a C&S; specialties carb with a larger base (illegal) plate. This carb performed fairly well. I saw your ad in Circle Track Magazine. After talking with you over the phone I felt comfortable with your knowledge and decided to send you my stock (legal) carb to get reworked. I completely filled out the specification/motor sheet you faxed. The turnaround time for the carb was very quick.
Our first date with this carb was going to be Aug 9th at our local � mile dirt track. We showed up at the track with the C&S; carb on the motor. I know it?s illegal but they have only checked the top of the carb before the night and after the races checked the entire carb and base. During hot laps the car was fast. I would say within the top 5 of the 26 cars that were there. We started on the pole for the first heat, 8 laps. The car ran good and we won but we did not pull away from anyone. Winning the heat put us in the trophy dash. A four-lap race for all the 1st and 2nd place cars from the 3 heat races. We decided to install the Sean Murphy Induction legal carb. We started 6th out of 6 cars. We just barely got the carbon the car in time. We did not even have time to set the idle or adjust the idle screws. We won the dash passing all the cars and pulled away by 3 car lengths. Doug, my driver, commented that this carb is a ton better than the C&S; we just removed. We had to slightly tweak the idle up but did not do anything else. We started the A-main on the pole and during a long green run we were at least a full straight away ahead of the second place car. We led all but 1 lap, which the second place car slammed us on a restart but we easily passed them on the next lap. That?s 24 laps out of 25 we led. I have never dominated a race night like this before. And Doug has only won the Heat, Dash and Main one time before and that was his 1996 championship season.

Thanks for setting up a great carburetor. It was well worth it. I will only be telling close friends about your work; you know the old racing secret stuff.
John Kolessar


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