Good day,
I received the quadrajet carb last week and I thought I would give you some feedback on the results.
First, let me say that it?s almost a shame to cover up such a beautiful carb with a large air cleaner. High marks for appearance.
Second, the divorced choke works perfectly. I had to adjust the choke idle screw initially, but it works flawlessly.
Lastly, it runs quite noticeably better than it did before. The only thing I might need to contend with is that it does not want to cruise (just off idle)without constantly hesitating and surging. Same problem I was experiencing with the other carb (also a quadrajet).
I realize you designed and built this thing with the presence in mind that I will be installing a set of Rhoads lifters, which I am going to do next. I fully expect that this will bring the vacuum up to what you designed the carb for. I have a set of these lifters in my truck, and let me tell you that they really work.
I will let you know the result of this, for your perspective.
I will also be referring others to you.
John Hamalian