Hi Sean,
I just got back from picking my car up after having your carb installed on it. It is a 1988 Monte Carlo. It has the stock L69 305 H.O. Engine with an Edlebrock manifold, TES headers, Dynomax mufflers and an open element K&N; air filter.
Before your carb was installed the car ran good, but it felt sluggish and had a flat spot when accelerating. I also needed to pump the gas on startup. Now with your carb, it has no more flat spots. The car runs as if I just put a new engine in it. The tires spin at hard acceleration creating smoke (fun) and it chirps going into second gear. It downshifts much harder and passing is much easier with a lot of pull at high speed. The car did not act like this before. Its like a cork was opened up. Another Monte Carlo owner who has a SS drove my car and said my car is more responsive and faster than his. I gave him your number and he said he is going to get a carburetor his car as he drives it every day. Everyone seems to like looking at your carburetor also, it is like a piece of art.
Thank you for a great product, and fast delivery.
Dan N.