Just a note to let you know that after a year sitting on the shelf and saying to myself that I need to install it, I finally did. I installed the Q-jet you had built for my truck a year ago and WOW. My first trip pulling my 5th wheel was great. I went from 4.5 mpg to 9 mpg, course I had a tail wind going and coming back from the trip, and this was over 4th of July. My second trip, I averaged 8 mpg with a little head wind. The weight of my trailer is almost 14k, with a 383 chevy for the pulling. I sent a pic of my 84 C20 with 4.10 rear and 700R4 trans. My plans now is to build a 454 and the 2nd on the list of things to do is contact you on a carb for it. 1st is to decide on how I want to build the motor. I want to thank you again for a great carb, changed my way of thinking on Q-jets, is to have you build it.

Cris Garrelts