Brian Lewis
Call Sean Murphy at Sean Murphy Inductions
He’ll custom build a stage 2 quadrajet specifically jetted/metered for your engine/drive train combo, it will run excellent right out of the box, way better than any box carb from Summit. Sean Murphy use to be a senior at Jet Performance until he opened his own business down the street (literally). There are a few guys on this board and a bunch on Team Chevelle that have used his carbs with excellent results. I own two of them, one on each of my cars.
Cost is $325-$350
1969 Camaro – GM 2003 Electron Blue- Beck Racing 383 cu in 465HP Engine
Sean Murphy Inductions Stage 2 Quadrajet- TCI Streetfighter 350 – 3.73:1 Posi 10 Bolt Rear – 12.6 sec qtr mile